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Reasons to Repair Your Auto Glass Before Traveling

Reasons to Repair Your Auto Glass Before Traveling

San Antonio auto glass repair san antoino windshield replacement Thanksgiving travel san antonioIt seems like we just started 2018, but here we are: already nearing the holiday season. According to the TSA, this year is expected to be one of the busiest for holiday travel ever. If you are traveling for the holidays this year and you have windshield damage, it is important to take care of it as soon as possible. Traveling is fun, but risking your life on the road is not. This is especially true when it comes to leaving a damaged windshield as is. On the road, many mishaps can occur, some life-threatening. So, it is essential to get a windshield replacement if you need one before you travel. But if you are not convinced yet, here are five reasons why:

Protects Against a Dangerous and Damaged Windshield

What we mean here is that getting a windshield replacement prevents your windshield from shattering on the road. And yes, that can totally happen if the windshield is chipped or cracked. Driving over road bumps, speeding, turning, and dealing with rain can put extra pressure on the damaged glass. Therefore, even if it is just chipped, the chip can turn into a crack and spread wide. The last thing you want while driving is for your windshield to shatter in your face!

Keeps the Roof Up

Most people never consider what holds their car’s roof in place. The answer to that is the windshield. Without a windshield, your roof can easily collapse. Plus, even if you have a minor glass damage, if the glass is not as sturdy as it was, the roof is flimsy. Why risk your car’s roof falling on you? Get a windshield replacement before your travel!

Prevents the Windshield from Leading to a Car Accident

Obviously, a damaged windshield can put you in danger from the roof collapsing and the glass shattering while you drive. However, it can also lead to a car accident. Think for a moment of the highway, of all the cars whooshing by. Now think of your own car on that highway. You have a broken windshield which suddenly shatters on you. On an empty road, this is a semi-dangerous problem. But on a road full of other travelers, this is a highly dangerous problem.

Prevents Glares on the Road

A clean, undamaged windshield is less susceptible to sun glares. Though, a damaged one can easily reflect glares because of the scratches, chips, and cracks in it. Getting a windshield replacement prevents this issue and keeps you safe.

Protects Against Vandalism

This one is specifically for your car’s safety. If you park somewhere to take a break from driving, a thief can easily vandalize your car through your damaged windshield. It is already broken, after all; it just needs a little push. Getting a replacement protects your car from vandalism and even theft.


When it comes to travel safety, a windshield replacement for a damaged car glass is important. Otherwise, you are putting yourself and others at risk of an accident. If you’re looking to save on your San Antonio windshield replacement, call on the experts at RNR Auto Glass. We even offer coupons and discounts, and can not only take care of your windshield, but also your rear glass, side windows, and even small mechanical repairs. Travel safe this year with a little help from San Antonio’s best auto glass company.

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