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Professional ADAS Calibration Services

We Help Your Car Keep You Safe!

As your vehicle gets smarter with safety features like lane departure alerts, blind spot sensors, and even front-end collision brake assist, our knowledge as vehicle experts must also increase. At RNR Auto Glass, we’re proud to offer fully certified ADAS services in San Antonio. We can offer the same calibration services as the local auto dealerships, but at a much lower cost.


Through our certification with Opti-Aim, we can offer calibration and configuration for all your vehicle’s safety sensors and features. Not only that, when you see our team at RNR, we can help make sure that your sensors and safety systems are working at maximum capacity, so that you can keep your loved ones safer on the road.

How Opti-Aim ADAS Calibration Keeps You Safe

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Interested in learning more about how Opti-Aim can help improve the quality and safety of your next trip? Contact our team today and we’ll be happy to tell you all about it, and give you options for applying Glassparency clear coat on your next visit!

    Don’t drive around with a dangerous crack, chip or broken window!

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