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Most Common San Antonio Auto Glass Repair Mistakes

Auto Glass Replacement San Antonio

Most Common San Antonio Auto Glass Repair Mistakes

Let’s face it. Life happens. Sometimes, your auto glass gets damaged or shattered. It seems like it’s almost unavoidable in the San Antonio area, due to all of the construction and large trucks on the roads. When that happens, you’ve got to determine the right course of action for your San Antonio Auto Glass Repair.

Sometimes, in an attempt to save on money, car owners can make big mistakes in dealing with chipped or broken auto glass. While these mistakes are common, that doesn’t make them okay. Below are four of the most common mistakes made with broken auto glass, and we are sharing them with you so that you can do better:


1. Ignoring the Damage

Here at RNR Auto Glass, we get it. Windshield and Auto Glass Repair isn’t exactly exciting or fun. Oftentimes, people see the damage, whether it’s a small chip or a big crack in the windshield and windows, and assume that it will be fine if left for a while. As a result, they ignore the broken auto glass for days and even weeks. Though, if it’s not obvious enough, leaving car glass in that state will only cause the problem to increase. For instance, if the glass is chipped—no matter how small the chip is—over a period of time and constant driving, it’ll grow bigger until it splits into many fissures and the glass shatters. Furthermore, any small bump in the road, like those you find in neighborhoods, can be triggers for the glass to shatter.


2. Trying to Fix the Damage At-Home

In an attempt to hold on to their money, many people decide to try out DIY auto glass repair kits. They purchase these kits for a reasonable amount of money (perhaps $15) and look up directions from YouTube videos to see how the kits can be properly used. Nevertheless, many people who put up instructional videos online of auto glass repair kits are either expert auto glass technicians and are used to repairing windshield and windows with steady hands or they’re regular people with simple glass damages, such as scratches. If you’re watching videos by experts, you’re probably thinking that the broken glass looks easy to fix, and if you’re watching regular people fix small issues, then you’re being misled into thinking that any damage can be easily fixed. The fact is, chips and cracks are harder to repair at-home than minor scratches, and if your hand isn’t used to precise, steady manual labor, you could completely destroy the glass and pay so much more than you would have before. Besides, auto glass repair kits don’t work long-term for San Antonio Auto Glass Repair.


3. Ignoring The Damage Outside the Driver’s Line of Vision

For some, if they see that the glass is compromised far from the driver’s line of vision, such as on the right side of the windshield, they tend to not give it too much though. They think that as long as the issue is far from them, it won’t impair their driving. Though, the truth is that a broken auto glass is dangerous no matter where the damage is located. Pretending that there is nothing to worry about is going to lead the driver to regret not doing anything in the first place. Let RNR help with your San Antonio Auto Glass Repair!


4. Avoiding the Professionals to Save Money

The last — and probably most common — San Antonio Auto Glass Repair mistake that people make when they notice that their cars’ glass is damaged is neglect to go to a professional. In order to save their wallets from a temporary crunch, drivers continue to drive their cars instead of get the situation under control. And you can probably guess where that leads those drivers . The most confusing part of all is that we here at RNR Auto Glass offer all types of coupons and discounts to make our services more affordable.

When it comes to broken auto glass, these four common mistakes drivers make can truly be unsafe. Besides, without immediate repairs, damaged car glass can worsen and be more expensive to fix. So figure out what kind of driver you want to be: the safe, wise one or the careless one. In the end, the smart choice is the one that truly saves you cash. Contact our team today to get a free quote on your San Antonio Auto Glass Repair!

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