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Don’t Vacation with Damaged Auto Glass

Don’t Vacation with Damaged Auto Glass

This time of year, everyone is hitting the road and taking their summer vacations. Some are going to the Texas beaches, some are headed to see family in other cities, and yet others are heading to the airport to go somewhere even more distant. No matter where you’re going this summer, though, make sure that you’re doing it with a fully-intact windshield and windows.

Traveling long distances (especially in the extreme heat that often comes with a Texas summer) can be really taxing on your auto glass. As the glass heats up in the daytime and cools in the evening, the particles that make up the glass expand and contract. While this is normally no big deal, if you’ve got a cracked or chipped window, you may see that crack “run” or splinter and turn into a major issue. Add in the likelihood of hitting potholes, bumps, and poor road conditions when you drive long distances, and it’s extremely likely that what was a small auto glass issue when you left the house may become a serious problem before you get back home.

Even if your windshield doesn’t crack or splinter because of the extreme heat and possibly rougher driving conditions, the longer distances that people drive in the summer time makes it more likely that you’ll get hit by some sort of flying object while on the road. Texas is constantly working on major highways and expanding roads, so there’s an abundance of gravel trucks on the road just waiting to fling high-speed projectiles your way. If you’ve already got a chip or crack in your windshield, getting it hit again might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and winds up causing you to need a full-blown windshield replacement.

If you’ve got a broken side window, your trip could be made even more frustrating and uncomfortable. No matter how good your car’s air conditioning is or how patient you are, driving long distances in the Texas summer heat with a sheet of plastic where your door’s window should be will be both extremely hot and extremely loud.


What’s more, driving with cracked and chipped windows or a sheet of plastic on a side-window or rear window can cause visibility problems and make your car less safe for you and your family. Nobody ever thinks that they’ll be the person on the highway to cause an accident, but lowered visibility is the perfect way to increase the odds of that very thing occurring.

When it comes to planning your summer trip with your family, make sure that your car’s auto glass is in good shape by bringing it in to RNR Auto Glass before you leave the house. We’ll take care of any sort of auto glass issue quickly and affordably and help you prevent a litany of unfortunate events that can happen when you travel in the Texas heat with auto glass issues.

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