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Top 5 Functions of Your Auto Glass

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Top 5 Functions of Your Auto Glass

Did you know cracked and even chipped auto glass can be a risk to your safety? Some vehicle owners avoid replacing or repairing their auto glass as long as possible. They may feel it is merely cosmetic and a damaged windshield does not affect their safety. What they may not understand is the fundamental role a windshield plays in ensuring the safety of the vehicle’s occupants. Today, we are going to share with you the top 5 functions of your windshield.

1) Protection. This is one fact that we are sure everyone already knows. Windshields protect us from the wind and flying debris such as dust, insects, and rocks.

2) One of the lesser known important facts about windshields is that auto glass provides support to the airbag on the passenger side of a vehicle when it is deployed. If your auto glass is improperly installed your airbag could force the windshield to separate from the vehicle during an accident. This can cause a passenger side airbag to not deploy properly. An improperly installed, cracked, or chipped windshield can dramatically increase the possibility of serious injury during a crash.

3) Auto Glass absorbs the impact of an occupant if they are thrown in a forward motion during an automobile collision. Auto glass is usually comprised of a safety glass which is laminated. This type of glass is treated and is usually comprised of two sheets of glass that are curved. There is a plastic layer between the two sheets of glass that are laminated. The laminate plastic layer is a safety measure that makes the glass safer if the glass is damaged. Furthermore, even if the glass itself breaks, the plastic is able to flex and therefore reduce the overall impact.

4) A windshield is designed to make sure individuals stay inside the vehicle when there is an automobile accident. When the windshield separates from the frame of a vehicle, the persons within can be ejected through the windshield opening. When an individual is thrown out of vehicle, there is a much greater chance of bodily harm. Air or water leaks are a possible indicator of improperly or structurally compromised windshield installation and should be checked by a professional.

5) Windshields support your automobile’s roof. Almost all vehicles used to have steel pillars that supported the roof. This is no longer the case. A windshield is what provides the necessary support to keep a vehicle roof from collapsing if a vehicle rolls over. That is one of the most important reasons you should make sure your windshield is in optimum condition. It may just save your life.

Those are the top 5 functions of your windshield. As you can see, your windshield provides important safety functions. If your windshield has a crack, a chip (that can turn into a crack), or needs repair, the windshield repair professionals at RNR Auto Glass are here to help. We are dedicated to providing the Best Quality, Service and Price. Call us today to schedule an appointment or receive an estimate.

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