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How to Pick the Best San Antonio Auto Glass Company

best san antonio auto glass company

How to Pick the Best San Antonio Auto Glass Company

One minute, you’re cruising down 410 or 1604, jamming out to your favorite tunes and wishing traffic wasn’t as heavy as it is, and then the next — WHAM — you get a rock flung into the windshield and now you’ve got a solid chip and/or crack. With all the construction and quarries around town, it seems like this type of incident is happening more and more all across the city. When it’s time to choose the best San Antonio auto glass company to fix your chipped windshield, you’ll want to take some of these helpful tips into consideration.

Do Your Research

You wouldn’t hire a contractor to renovate your bathroom or a dentist to perform your root canal without doing some research first, right? That same principle should be applied to choosing your auto glass company. There are a TON of options across San Antonio, and the quality can vary greatly. Some are long-standing, established, and well-reviewed facilities that have been serving the area for years or decades, and others are more of the “fly-by-night,” or “chuck-in-a-truck” variety. Many of this latter group may offer slightly cheaper rates, but they do significantly lower-quality work and will likely lead to you needing to go back to another facility after their initial repair wears off or cracks further. To get a good feel for a company, look into the following aspects of their business:


    You’ll want to look at the reviews on their own website, sure, but those can be managed internally, so they may not be as reliable. Instead, look at reviews on third-party sites, like Google and Yelp.


    Has the company been around for several years, or possibly even several decades? You’ll probably get better service from an auto glass company with a history of serving your community.


    Does the company only offer one aspect of auto glass service (such as chip repair), or do they offer a full-selection of services? Going with a one-trick-pony may look like a more specialized approach, but in reality, it likely means that the company lacks the ability to do anything else, and may try to apply their one service to an auto glass issue that requires something else entirely. Better to choose a full-service company that can handle a little bit of everything.


    Sometimes, you’re able to just pop in to the shop and get your auto glass fixed on-site. Other times, your schedule won’t allow you to go to the shop, so you’ll need a company that’s able to come to you with mobile auto glass service. Whichever your situation, choose a repair company that can fit your needs and help make the process less burdensome.


    There’s an old adage that you get what you pay for, and it’s largely true. If a price seems too good to be true, it’s probably because it is. That being said, some of the “big-name” auto glass companies (the ones with the commercials on TV that have the little jingle at the end) charge more than the job probably requires, largely due to the need to cover their marketing budget. Finding the happy middle-ground between “so cheap it’s scary” and “so expensive you need to sell a kidney” is the goal, and many companies offer coupons and specials to help make their service more affordable.


Trust the Best San Antonio Auto Glass Company

After looking at all these elements, you should be able to get a good feel for which auto glass company fits your needs best. If you’re searching for a locally-owned, experienced, well-reviewed and affordable auto glass company that can handle just about any auto glass issue, consider giving us a call here at RNR Auto Glass. We’re happy to help with your worst auto glass emergencies, and can even come to you for mobile service. Contact our team today!

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