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How to Prevent Windshield Scratches

how to prevent windshield scratches

How to Prevent Windshield Scratches

Scratches on your windshield may not seem like a major automotive issue, but you should never make the mistake of disregarding them. They may not have an impact on your day-to-day driving at first, but over time, they can pose risks to your visibility and ultimately, your safety. In a city as hectic as San Antonio, anything that compromises your safety on the road can be a big issue.

Windshield scratches can hinder you from seeing the road clearly – especially in low-visibility conditions – which is why you must resolve them immediately before they get worse. Like with most automotive issues, prevention is better than cure. There are easy ways that you can incorporate into your car maintenance routine to reduce the chances of scratching your windshield.

Here are a few helpful tips to help keep your windshield from getting unsightly, potentially dangerous scratches:

Tips To Prevent Windshield Scratches


Keep Your Windshield Clean

Sure, windshield wipers may be used to clean our windshields, but that doesn’t mean we let them do it all the time. In fact, there are some instances were using the wipers to clean off gunk, debris, and grit could actually be harmful to the glass and cause scratches.

That being said, make sure to wash your windshield regularly or when it gets very dirty. It is also important that you do this properly. You should only ever use soft microfiber or cotton cloths when cleaning. Using a rough cloth may not be safe since they are likely to damage your windshield, leaving you with scratched auto glass.

Replace Old Wiper Blades

Even the highest quality wiper blades wear down over time. Luckily, replacing them is a pretty simple DIY job. They are inexpensive, too. You can simply buy a replacement blade at most auto supply stores whenever you need one.

Replacing a wiper blade that begins to show signs of wear and tear is important because it hardens as it ages. This could cause scratches on your windshield, especially if there is a tiny object (like a dried on bug, a small pebble, or a leaf or twig) trapped under the blades.

Always Top Off Your Wiper Fluid

Check your fluid levels frequently and keep the tank full. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your windshield safe from scratches.

Wiper fluids provide lubrication, eliminating risks of scratches due to your wipers clearing off dust and dirt on a dry surface. The great thing is that a bottle of wiper fluid doesn’t cost that much, so make sure you always have one in stock.

Don’t Ignore Windshield Scratches

By following our simple tips above, you can reduce your chances of getting your windshield scratched. However, if you start to see any scratch or damage in your windshield, it is best to contact an experienced auto glass professional – like the ones here at RNR Auto Glass. We can provide you the best assessment on what will be the best solution to the issue, allowing you to keep yourself and your family safe on the road.

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