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How to Temporarily Fix Broken Auto Glass

temporarily auto glass repair broken windshield car san antonio

How to Temporarily Fix Broken Auto Glass

It is always frustrating when your car’s window glass is broken because it makes it really hard to drive around. Whether you were in an accident, your car was broken into, or something like a golf ball or tree branch accidentally breaks your window, you can’t just ignore a shattered window. If your car’s window is broken, it is always best to get it repaired as soon as possible. With mobile auto glass repair and replacement, it is easier than ever to get your glass fixed quickly. But, sometimes, you just need to drive your car before it can be properly repaired. When this is the case, there are ways to cover the damage and keep your car a little safer in the interim.

Step-by-Step Temporary Fix for Broken Car Window

1. Gather supplies: a brush/broom and pan to clean up broken glass, a vacuum to get any broken glass out of your car or the window frame, a high-density garbage bag (ideally clear for improved visibility), clear masking tape (duct tape also works but be careful how you place it because it could damage interior material and paint).
2. Measure the window with a little excess to ensure full coverage the window. Using those measurements, cut your plastic bag according to size.
3. Tape the plastic bag to the interior window frame and overlap tape to make sure that there are no gaps where debris or rain could get in.
4. Schedule your appointment with an auto glass repair company to safety, effectively, and efficiently repair your broken car window.

How to maintain safety with broken glass


Structural stability

A car’s window has many uses. Predominantly, it maintains the structural stability by preventing the collapse of the roof during accidents. Hence, chips and cracks are a significant trouble that should be fixed immediately. Without glass repairs, the panels could get weaker over time and impose further safety concerns from the drivers. Hundreds of people get injured by broken window glass every year. Some these injuries even have life-threatening consequences. Most importantly, people should follow maintain routines to protect their window glass from any damage. They should reach out to their mechanics for service needs.


Broken window glass affects visibility drastically. People cannot view the side mirrors and retracted light might affect their vision. These factors make navigating a vehicle challenging. It further leads to collisions and accidents. The other drivers in the road are also not safe from these untoward events. As the cracking continues, these visibility issues will exacerbate. Therefore, make sure to fix the broken glass as quickly as possible to prevent any disasters.

External factors

Window panels protect the drivers from outside elements like debris, rain, stones, and bugs. Some of these elements could injury them severely. A cracked panel leads to such exact situations where external factors will harm the interiors and every one present inside. Moreover, chips and cracks allow rain water to seep in, resulting in damaged components and foul smell. The deposited water might even reach to electrical systems.

Further troubles

A cracked window will only expand with time. The damage might get unmanageable and car owners end up spending a lot more on repairs or replacements. The glass panel will expand with temperature differences and make the entire structure weak. Some state even imposes penalties on individuals driving with cracked windows. It is considered as a serious offense on some parts of the country. Essentially, they can avoid such troubles through prompt repairs.

What to do if a window is broken?


Call insurance and police

If the window panel is broken, people should call the insurance company immediately. They should also file a police report if that incident is an attempted vandalism. Some insurance companies will come out and assess the damage, while other take the information over calls. If a person hasn’t arrived on site, make sure to take photos of a broken glass panel to help with insurance claims.


Get a shop vacuum and suction away the broken glass fragments from the car. People should remove as much broken glass as possible to prevent any injuries. Some auto repair shops will also perform the same procedure to remove damaged panels.

Immediate fix

The last step involves covering up the window with a carboard or duct tape. The best way to cover broken panels is to run the strip in vertical direction until it reaches the bottom. Then overlap another strip in opposite direction.

Finally, if you’re dealing with broken auto glass in San Antonio, make the immediate fixes you need to be safe, and then call the auto glass pros at RNR Auto Glass. We’re here for all your auto glass needs, and can replace or repair most issues in no time. Call us at 210-340-2588 today!

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