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Why You Need a Clean Windshield

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Why You Need a Clean Windshield

The following article is packed with helpful tips to help you take care of your auto glass or windshield, including the best time and methods to clean it, what to do if you cracked it, and how to replace it if it got broken.

When to Clean Your Windshield?

Whether you see debris or not, always keep your windshield clean. The answer, to this question, varies depending on the condition of your windshield, the weather, and your driving style. If there is no rain or snowing days, you can clean your windshield every three or six months. During winter, you should clean your windshield at least twice a year. If the rain is falling, you should clean your windshield before the rain. This is because snow or rain can cause the windshield to be steamed up and become more difficult to clean and dry.

Most people consider the warmer weather a good time to clean their windshield. Although warm weather is great for cleaning, it is not the best time. You should wait for the winter season to clean your windshield. If you clean your windshield during winter, you will prevent the accumulation of ice, snow, and dirt and make it easier to clean when the weather has warmed up.

How to Clean Your Windshield?

You can use the wet-dry method and the vacuum method to clean your windshield. First, dry your windshield completely before you clean it. Then, use the wet-dry method to wipe away dirt and dust. You can use a piece of soft chamois leather that you purchase at an auto parts store. Also, you can use synthetic chamois or a piece of cloth that is made from recycled materials. This can help you to clean your windshield easily and effectively.

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